All the Disney movies have rich musical accompaniments to complement the stories being told. This special storybook and music player set offers young fans a chance to read about their favorite Disney animal characters, while listening to music that sets the tone for their adventures. Each story is accompanied by a music disc that plays a selection of additional tunes to read to. Included in the collection is the original Disney hit "I Just Can't Wait To Be King." Prompts in the storybook tell readers when to play each song as they read.

The storybook includes:
• Finding Nemo
• The Jungle Book
• 101 Dalmatians
• The Lion King

Book + CD player + 4 CDs presenting 21 tunes

تفاصيل المُنتج

  • ISBN: 9789953268361
  • الدمغة: هاشيت أنطوان أطفال
  • الفئة: أدب أطفال +3
  • النوع: Book + gadgets
  • السلسلة: Music Player Storybook
  • تاريخ النشر: 2013
  • عدد الصفحات: 32
  • المقاييس: 30 * 30.5
  • الوزن: 630
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